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Comprehensive interior design Poznań

Finish your flat as you wish
- from the cabinet to the finishing "turnkey"

Nickel Design Company offers a finishing of a:

  • flat,
  • home,
  • office,
  • restaurant,
  • commercial premises

This proposal came to a head in response to the increasing customer demand for comprehensive services. This enables you to save time that you devoted to search for appropriate finishes to your apartment, the search for a team and control progress. Our company offers you products in any of the standards you want. We provide professional execution and coordination of all work progress. For all the work done, we offer 24 months warranty.

We offer:

  • purchase of materials with the discounts up to 45%,
  • purchase of materials with 8% tax,
  • consulting and professional services,
  • saving time,
  • fast and reliable execution of works,
  • free supervision
  • Interior projects of other architects.

Nickel - Design works in partnership with several reliable companies and renovation - contractors, wholesalers and interior design offices. With a large selection of capabilities we provide our customers with goods at affordable prices.

Recent projects